Help with downloading and using materials from IRIS

Can I modify materials from IRIS for my particular participants or setting?

Yes. All materials can be adapted - this was one of the rationales behind IRIS.

Why are some materials labelled as “record only”? How can I see those materials?

“Record only” means that only the metadata are held on IRIS i.e. labels giving information about instrument type, research area, languages, the reference - not the actual materials yet. IRIS holds “record only” materials to provide a comprehensive documentation of methods in our field, and also to allow researchers to find as much as possible that matches their search.

Why am I asked to leave an email when I download an instrument?

You do not have to leave an email address to download from IRIS. If you choose to do so, however, your email address will not be made public. IRIS will simply send you a brief email in a few months with one question about whether/how you have used the material, just to give us feedback about use of the resource.

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